Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 15 - Another Build Week

Last Friday we went to a Dodger game for an LLS fundraiser. My friend Jenny's niece got voted Girl of the Year from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. See below.


The MWOY campaign honors local children who are blood cancer survivors. This year's Girl of the Year is 14- year- old Brianna Conticelli. who was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2012.

It's been a tough road for young Brianna who has experienced numerous side effects from the chemotherapy including severe allergic reactions to several drugs, further complicating her course and also limiting the options available to her. She still has one more year left of chemotherapy. Let's wrap our arms around her! We are with you all the way Brianna!!

Brianna wants to share her story to hopefully inspire others. At MWOY campaign kickoff, Brianna shared with us that "Having cancer changed me as a person and taught me how not to take things for granted."


As I sat down to write my blog post my intention was to go on Jenny's page and steal a picture from her facebook page. It was great to see Brianna so happy and smiling. And heck what an honor it was for her to throw the first pitch at the game. 

Prayers are needed folks, Brianna is back in the hospital.
It hurts to know a friend is hurting.

Right now my anxiety and worries are insignificant compared to what she is going through. This weekend I dedicate my race to you Brianna.  

Friday - Dodger night with my teammates. 
 He grew up a SF Giant Fan, I grew up an LA Dodger fan. We just fit.
 Nicole, Kelie, me, and Beckie. Thanks Nicole and Kelie for bending down. I don't look as short in this photo.

My training this week was OK.
My hip has been feeling better. Swim practice was good as well as my run, wait it wasn't a run it was more of a walk. I was getting a little restless so I asked Mark to go on a walk with me. 

 It was slow but we got a chance to talk. This season more then ever I've been feeling it. His comments about me not being home. While the comments are not bad I get it. He is a great husband and I take him for granted. I come home 'hangry'. It does exist. I want salads. I want chicken. I want steak. He and my son want Pizza and burgers. I can't have any of that so I get hangry. What can you do? 

Saturday - bike ride in Malibu. As you can tell by my distance I didn't do so well. We were to do 45 miles. The wind was bad and I was putting a lot of pressure on my hip. It started with a sting then I just got slower and slower. You know that point where you just tell yourself STOP. Continue on and it will get worst. So I stopped. Went to my car, put away my bike and cried for a bit. I know I know..blah blah.. no one puts the pressure on me I do it to myself. I want to succeed.
   Sunday - run 10 miles. 

It felt really good. I changed up things and did a 1 - 2. Run for 1 walk for 2. I think my run pace was actully pretty good (for me). If I can keep my run pace at 11 minutes per mile and my walk anywhere between a 14-15 that would be AWESOME!! 

Amazing group of teammates who inspire me. #whereisJose #whoisAlex #ilovechorizo

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