Friday, June 27, 2014

Week 24 - 3 more weeks until Vineman 70.3 and 5 more weeks until Barbs race

Training weekend fun!! 
It's always interesting to travel with a bunch of women. You get to see who over packs and who always forgets something. I had 2 bags plus my bike. I'm a little OCD, maybe -  no I'm not, but I pack my training clothing in large zip lock bags. This baggie here is for the swim on Friday. This baggie here is for Saturday's training day, etc. I'm always afraid I will forget something so packing it in large zip lock bags ensures I have my stuff together. Doesn't mean I don't over pack - I bring 10 CO2 cartridges, 5 spare tubes, 3 pairs of goggles ( you never know when you might break a pair),and I also pack my 20 swim caps (no really I do) it depends on my mood which one I will wear.

We left my house at about 9:30pm or so. Our goal was to drive to Hotel #1. Sleep and enjoy Casa de Fruta for a bit.  I always have plans in my head but because of time constraints we didn't get to do all I had envision. It's hard when you want to do so much in the little amount of time you have. We visited Casa de Banos, Casa de Wine, Casa de Fruta, Casa de Choo Choo, etc. Everything there started began with a 'Casa'. It was cute. 
The one thing I did want to do...was go to the Lululemon Outlet in the city of Gilroy, CA. I didn't find what I wanted, but that is OK I got this really cute grey Iconic Wrap except mine didn't have a hood like the one pictured in the link. I don't normally spend that much money on myself but I couldn't resist. On the hanger it wasn't that pretty. On it was adorable. And you can wear it in so many different styles. OK so I spoiled myself a bit but so worth it. 

After our little shopping spree we headed on out to Windsor, CA. The NASCAR race was also happening in the area so we had to take a slight detour to get away from the traffic. I loved the blue sky's, it just felt so fresh and clean out there. Even with the smell of the cows, *SNIFF* oh yeah freshness. 

First thing on our training weekend agenda - lets go for a swim in the Russian River. Now this is an open water swim I can tackle. The water is warm. No waves. Only thing I need now is some confidence in the wet suit. I don't know why but I've been having this 'thing' with my wet suit. I feel like I can't breathe in it. I know it's a mental thing. As a matter of fact I think my wet suit maybe a little big on me but I still feel like I can't move in it. It's so frustrating. Anyone know of someone who can hypnotize the fear out of me.     

Selfie's after our swims and more photos of the Russian River area.  

This street sign is pretty famous. The infamous Chalk hill. I will admit as I was riding our bike course on Saturday I remember saying to myself - gosh why does it feel so easy? Not easy because the ride is easy, but easy because I wasn't nervous. I knew what to expect and when to expect it. The most awesome part being when there is this one hill right on Canyon Road (mile 26) where I remember that hill being much bigger and longer. As I kept riding I kept thinking..humm... I don't think this is the hill that I struggled on last year. No I'm positive this isn't the hill. Actually it was the hill. I rode up that hill with no problem. I just kept peddling and was nice. When I got to the half way point where Coach Andi was at - mile 29.2 - I felt pretty good. I did start to get that ache in my hip - I made a mental note for race day carry a baggie for ice. But still I kept on and was ready to tackle Chalk Hill. 

When I hit Chalk Hill I was OK for most of the way. I kept peddling and ouch. :( Yep my hip. Not to worry I told myself. Walk that damn hill but do it as fast as you can (I talk to myself a lot). As I was walking up the hill I saw Petty (a former teammate). It was so good to have someone up there checking on me. She asked if I needed anything and honestly no. As soon as I got to the top of the hill I hopped on my bike and kept on riding. I just wanted to get the ride over with at that point. That was at about mile 44. 12 more miles to go. As soon as I passed Chalk Hill I was riding when I hear a honk and a Go Bucket Go. I had no idea who it was (at first) but I smiled lifted my arm and said 'Hey'. I have a bad habit of saying 'HEY' if I have no idea who it is. But I always ackowledge the 'Go Bucket Go', hey is my way of saying thanks. :)

And more photos

My bike. So pretty. Had a little mishapp with my back water cages. It was OK I improvised and all was good.
This picture here, there is a story.  After the bike ride I stayed to myself for a bit. I had to decompress and gather my thoughts about the ride. What I did. What I will do differently on race day. You know basically go over a plan with myself in my head. My plan 'Ride like I stole that bike from YOUR MAMA' [insert the yo mama jokes]. 

Oh back to the picture. So I layed down and Tina was telling Christy..My gosh you are such a bitch. You are a bigger bitch then me. AND they were laughing. So basically there were talking about each other to each other. I could not stop laughing. So then I was like OK guys talk about me, lets laugh. There were like, bucket you are not a bitch. I was like YES I AM. No Really. They looked at me and laughed. It was fun.  This season I have really gotten to know my teammates. LOVE THEM ALL! Some took some time getting use to. Others are so quiet. It's the quiet ones I admire. They are quiet but they watch everything. But when I ask a question..oh lordy lordy.. it's awesome. We compare notes and say 'RIGHT! that is what I was saying.' It's fun.

Time to go home .. but before we left the Bay area we stopped at Zachary's in Pleasant Hill. My tummy did not love me after this but it was so worth it!

I love this photo of Kelie. If you know Kelie she is always on the go and always talking. All of a sudden the car grew quiet and I turned around and saw her fast asleep. Poor baby was tired. That's what she gets for training for a half Ironman. :)

To say I am not feeling the stress would be a lie. Even those with the best intentions sometimes put the stress on me. The way I see it, I have trained, I have pushed myself more then ever, I am going to go out and do my best. wow I'm scared and excited all at the same time.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 21 & 22 - oh's almost time

Week 21 - Build Week - Anaheim to San Diego

Normally I don't get excited about long rides but I was pretty excited about this one. Why? Well because my hip had been feeling better and I knew I could do it. 

My average speed for the ride was 11.6ph - which for me was pretty awesome. I've look at my ride details from the week before and I was at 10.6 mph. I call that a huge improvement. :)

I was able to complete 64 out of the 80 miles. We ran short on time and I had to stop or else I wouldn't make the train on time. Honestly I'm happy with the time and distance. I was able to complete the 64 pretty much injury free. I did bike with an ice pack for a few hours - talk about yummy coldness. I know sounds odd, but it is what works for me.
 Being behind my friend Bobbi really helped. I didn't want to ride alone and in order to do that I had to keep up with her. It really did help me go faster. Thank you Bobbi! Yeah and helmet pictures are really 'fugly'. 
 The best part of the ride, for me at least, was riding through Camp Pendelton. I would look over and see signs for the firing range, and then the mess hall..memories. I even loved seeing the family carnival being put on by the MCCS. Yeah the base it self is boring but just being there made me happy. I gave the MP at the guard gate my cutest 'Semper Fi' and I got an 'OhhRah'. Yeah it's like that. OK you had to be there. 

After the ride, a nice cold gluten free beer. Yes it was delicious and totally worth it. 

Went home and took the best ice bath with some epson salt and added some bubbles for fun. 

The baby shower for baby Nicholas Alexander
This isn't training related but I just want to post about it. The next day I thew my son and his girlfriend, Natalie, a baby shower. I haven't downloaded my camera photos but here are a few I took from my son.  

One of my cousins mentioned that the baby shower was so Pinterest like. Have to admit with my busy schedule it was all put together with ideas from Pinterest. It really made it stress free on my part.

Our little mama was not able to attend :( she was put on bedrest a few days before the shower. My son came up with the idea of Skype-ing her as he opened the presents. it. I don't Skype so I loved the idea of doing that. 

Week 22 - Recovery Week.

This week went by so fast. Work has been super busy Traing has been going well and the hip is still feeling great. I've been taping it and that makes a huge difference. Tape and ice ice! I got this new stuff called RockSauce by Rocket Tape. I smell like an old lady but it's amazing! works! 

We train and take funny photos. 

 Ladies..Jay is not flexible. Yep that is what he said.

Saturdays' ride was in Westlake. We laughed when we realized it was only a 2 hour ride with a 1 hour run. 

My ride went pretty well. My average speed was 11.4 mph. My hip felt good - telling you this taping thing works. I even tested out my aerobars and let me tell you I love them things.  I iced right afterwards and then went on a 1 hour run. By a fast runner's standards I am slow, by my broken hip standards I ran like a rock star. Any day I am without pain is a rock star type of day.

No photos to post.  

I was also presented the Spirit Award by my friend and teammate Kelie. It was such an honor to know I can motivate and inspire my teammates. Thank you Kelie you really made my day. 

Sunday was another day of Aqua Jogging. Uneventful but nice. I love recovery week.

I know not much excitement in my post, I promise the next one will be full of adventure, mystery and maybe I'll even throw in some romance. Maybe. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 20 - 6 more weeks until Ironman 70.3 Vineman

 (I Goggled '6' and this image popped up.
Have no idea what it is but lets just go with it.)

This week FLEW and I mean FLEW by. The swims are feeling great, the runs are feeling great and even being on the bike felt great. Well as great as great could be. Our bike ride this weekend was 60 miles, I was only able to complete 54 of it. I didn't start my Garmin right away so my distance is off by a mile or so, but still it was a crazy amount of mileage. 

See training details here. 

I was a little afraid because we were going to be doing a bit of hill work. My hip was OK up until around mile 45.  that is where I had to turn around and head down.  

 The whole ride I had been feeling pretty good. I was lost in my thoughts, checking out the ocean, the surfers, the families, the pretty houses, it was over all a great day. 

When I went to get off my bike that is when the soreness hit. I couldn't lift my leg over my bike. When I finally got it over my bike it was a little painful. OK I am downplaying it - it hurt on the pain scale a 6. Iced it right away, thanks to my wonderful teammates who had ice on hand. 

I didn't take any pictures while riding. I really wish I would have, it was such a beautiful day. All I have to show for it is this wonderful bruise.  I know pretty gross looking. Since I wear dresses to work I can't really hide it.

Sunday I was back to Aqua Jogging. I was 'aqua jogging' for 3 hours. Hows does one do it for 3 hours? With friends and great conversations. 

Click Here and read all about the benefits of Aqua Jogging.

On the home front I want to write about a great brother in law. He has been fighting cancer for over a year now and he was told yesterday it has metastasized into his lungs.  Brian has a heart of gold and always puts his family first. Prayers needed please. 

And Brian - 'Bald is sexy'. Google proves it with lots of ohh la llaaa images. :) At least for me anyway.