Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3 more days until Barbs Race an all Womans Half Ironman Event

But first a recap from last year 'Click here to read it'. 

I just read it, and realized maybe all this stress and anxiety I am feeling now is the same exact thing I felt last year. I am more prepared this year then I was last year. My training was a little bit different this season. I did more this season then last season. More midweeks - actually I did my midweeks. Last year I had the job from hell and I wasn't able to attend midweek practices. Even with my hip injury I didn't let it stop me from doing what I had to do. 

Coach Riz left this on my car last year, actually I still have that note. I didn't have much confidence in myself and was afraid. After this note she left me I knew I had it in me to complete this event. If she had confidence in me I had to have the confidence in me. 

This year Mark will be there to cheer me on. I'll be honest, a lot of people don't get it. Why do all of this, just for a medal? It's not about the medal. I am pretty much an open book, but I am also a closed book. I know a lot of people look at me and say really..just give up. It's that 'Just give up' look that they give me that pushes me to continue on. It's also my drive and determination to help raise funds to cure cancer. I have lots of talks with my Tia Andrea. What would she tell me. What did she tell me. She always supported me in my fundraising. Always told me she was proud of me for doing this. OK can't type anymore - shit.    

and with that...3 more days.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 26 - Vineman is Coming up Barbs race in 2 weeks

Ironman 70.3 Vineman is coming up. Yay Yay blah. I am not racing. :(  I had all these huge goals this triathlon season and I feel like a failure to myself. But wait...I have succeed with many of my goals, but my failure only comes in the sense where my goal was to complete 2 half Ironman events in July. I am still doing Barbs Race 70.3, just not Vineman. 

Coach Javi and Coach Riz had a chat with me about a week back. Being realistic I will not make the cut off times for the Vineman event.

So if you are new to this triathlon stuff this is how it goes. We swim in waves according to age. My age group starts at 8:18 am. The first swimmers start at 6:36 am. [This is when lying about my age would have been a good thing!!! Ok screw it, if y'all think I look like I'm in my early 30's I AM! I've been lying about being 44. No really I'm 34, can I swim in wave 2 please.] My goal for this season was to get faster and honestly I'm not sure I pulled it off. I just looked at my results from last years Barbs race and it doesn't look to hot for me. 

I was doing great and... well could it be the hip injury? I don't know. It's disappointing. I'm not going to lie! I'm looking at my bike times from my training weekends and I'm trying to figure out what am I doing wrong. No wait I have improved - a little. My average bike time at Barb's race was an average of 11.1. I know I can do better and I have. For this type of race, on the bike is where most people make up a lot of time. If I even biked just a little faster I think I would have made the bike cut off time. 

Anyway the point....I'm not doing Vineman but I am doing Barbs Race. The more I repeat it the less tears I have about it. As the saying goes I'm taking the bull by the horns.
So. What else can I talk about. Swimming in the Ocean. 

This is the 1st time I've smiled since going in the ocean. OK for some swimming at Belmont Shores may not be swimming in the actual ocean, but for me it was perfect. It's salt water, I swam in my wet suit and YAY for no waves knocking me down. I needed the time in my wet suit and it felt amazing. 

Thanks for the invite Tina! It was a great swim and I felt so relaxed out there. I love my wet suit! OK No I don't, but this time I wasn't rushing to rip it off. 

I did go swimming in the actual ocean the next day (7/5). This was my mindset - and children sorry for my cursing - I said FUCK IT and ran in and didn't stop until I reached calmer water. Basically i swam  until I got past the wave brakes. Stupid waves. Once out there..lets just say..I don't like swimming in open water. I know people love it, I keep saying I will learn to love it, I don't love it. I do it because I know it will make me a strong swimmer, but really...REALLY? Yeah really. The main thing for me is not to be alone. I hate swimming alone and that is when I freak out. I need a permanent swim buddy attached to me. #truth 

Are you still reading this? 

Check out these cuties. 

In this picture my booger felt his little booger kick him. So precious. 

 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I know they are going to make great parents. Mark and I attended a baby shower that Natalie's family threw her. I won't lie it makes me cry. I miss not seeing my son, but then I see why he is always with Natalie and her family - they really are great to him. In her family there are so many little ones, makes me happy to know little Nicky is going to have so many cousins. 

Natalie got me this t-shirt for my birthday. I can't wait to wear it! The word 'Grandma' is still freaking me out a bit but I am sure I will embrace it when the time comes. According to Natalie's grandma the baby should be coming on the next full moon - which is this weekend. Poor thing has been on bed rest since early June, so wishing her an easy delivery [actual due date is 8/15]. 

That is all for now.
Work is CRAZY. I'm a little sick and really exhausted. I can not wait to cheer my friends on at Ironman 70.3 Vineman this weekend. They are amazing cancer fighters!! 
See you next week..I'm not done yet!