Monday, January 12, 2015

Why are they talking about me in that song?

Have you ever heard a song and right off the bat it's like hey that song is me. I could have wrote it.

As I kept on listening I heard this little voice sing:
♫ ....but before I give up,
        before I give in,
        I look to my friends in the stars,
        and he said
        you gotta go
        you gotta get up and go
        before you get anywhere ... ♫

Tears. Yeah I am pretty emotional like that but I was crying! The song was speaking to me. Last week I was sick, I missed another swim practice and had absolutely no motivation. I email my mentor and said you know maybe this isn't the best time for me. I mean seriously what am I doing here. I'm no 'real' triathlete. I don't care about PRing. I care about crossing that finish line. After my injuries last year I kind of lost hope in myself. What am I trying to prove?

That is when all my crazy emotions hit me. As the song says "I mess up, I haven't done my best..."  But in the words of bucket "I am not giving up." 

I'm still in training, Training for Super Hero Cancer Fighter Status.