Friday, September 5, 2014

not so perfect

For the last week I've been getting up and doing a few dance moves, see the inspiration below.
I've heard it said that dancing makes people smile. And it's true. Try dancing with a frown and I bet you can't. It's not that I have anything to be sad about but I'm just dancing to dance. I've got moves NOBODY should ever see, so dancing by myself is the way to go.  

Putting away my medals
This past weekend I was cleaning my bedroom. After months of training and not being home it was a much needed thing to do.  I made a decision to put away my medals. Why? Sometimes a fresh start is in order. At least that is what I told myself. As I was taking all my medals off their hook I didn't quite as gently put them on the floor - then I heard this 'CRACK'. It was my Barbs Race Medal. :( I sat down and cried. Yeah I know..a little too emotional for most but that medal meant so much to me. *Sigh* broken. Shit happens and I'm going to try and crazy glue it back together. I've got tons of medals and all have a special place in my heart but last years Barbs Race meant a lot. 

9 more days
The Nautica Malibu Triathlon is coming up in 9 days. I haven't really been thinking much about it. I'm still swimming, biking, and running (well..OK walking) and getting ready for it. I keep hearing from people around me that if the waves are too big that day they may cancel the swim portion. At work I sit near the team who is part of putting on the race and wozers they go through a lot to put on such a huge event. I know the triathlon fundraisers have already raised over $1 million dollars. It's so amazing! It's been pretty cool to talk to my co-workers about training also. Last year since I got here later in the year I didn't sign up to participate with the CHLA team. I'm actually pretty excited for race day.  Signing up with the team has also given me a chance to meet more of my co-workers. With my work load and what I do I don't actually get to really talk to everyone. All I ever hear is 'Oh you are Susan'. I smile and say 'Yep that's me'.

Labor Day Weekend...........FUN
Went on an awesome bike ride with friends. 
I looked up at one point and realized I was down the street from my aunts house.

 This picture totally makes me smile. Little Zachy is loving the goggles I got him. At one point I saw him trying to mimic my swimming. So ADORABLE!  

Here is a picture of the grandbaby. I can't wait for him to stay awake longer and to start smiling. It's as if he is always thinking 'I'm not sure if I like you yet.'
Sometimes he looks like my son and sometimes he looks like his mom. I think he looks more like his mom.  He truly is a mixture of both of them.