Wednesday, August 27, 2014

what happened..

It's not fun you know, to DNF but I'm over it. It's taken me a whole month to write about it. 

What happened. Have I mentioned I have blood sugar issues. Yep, it runs in the family. While I don't have full blown diabetes I do have it. I have always had blood sugar issues but not until I was older did it get bad. 

Anyway, I didn't follow my race plan. Didn't eat my healthy breakfast. Didn't continue to hydrate before the race, it was a hot day and well I ruined my race. It didn't help that I had been sick the the last 2 weeks before the race so I was already dehydrate from all the sinus medicines I had been taking. Some people will say yeah I had a friend who did the race and she was sick with a cold and she was fine - SO WHAT. Good for them. Sorry I'm being bitter, I'm not a bitter person I swear. Everyone is different - i just hate that people talk behind my back. That bucket - she just gave up - you weren't there so how would you know? See not bitter.

My race stopped when I got to Bike Sag 1 (mile 18 I think). I had been seeing stars while riding my bike and was like whoah..what is going on. I started hydrating like crazy and was OK for a bit but when I stopped at SAG I was all shaky. I didn't even realize it until one of the volunteers grabbed my bike to steady me. That is when everything went black. And that is also the point when the race ended for me. SUCKS. And there goes my goal of completing 2 half Ironman's this summer. 

What's next? I'm still training but on a smaller scale, training for Nautica Malibu Triathlon - classic distance. First and foremost I have to get physically healthy. My hip feels a LOT better. I 'tried' running on it last weekend, but that was after swimming and biking - and it was OK. Not going to say it was 100% it was just OK. Did it hurt? Yep. Like really bad. Nope. Next time I'll tape it up and see how that does. Taping does wonders!! I LOVE Rocket Tape and Rocket Sauce - just had to add that in.

Meet Barbara. Sweet as pie! I met her through my friend Tina. Curtis is a fellow teammate. We all kept an eye on each other during one of our open water swims. It is nice to show up to a totally new team practice and see familiar faces. 

We swam in the ocean once and well it was amazing. I've only ever said that a few times. I did have a bit of a panic attack. I had to calm my nerves and relax. This time I had no familiar faces around me so I just stopped looked up at the clouds and smiled. I remembered what Coach Kevin once told me 'Just look up and enjoy the calmness. Clam your breathing. Breathe in - breath out'. It took a few minutes but I was OK. It's a struggle for me still. I do wonder if I will actually ever enjoy it. I hope to. So many of my friends love it. It's like goat cheese - either you love it or you don't. 

This isn't training related, but I just have to share. 
My baby is now a daddy. 
That makes me a grandma. WHAT! Yep. I'm a grandma. 

He is perfect! No really. He keeps his parents up and he loves to eat, shit, and sleep - on repeat all day long.His name is Nicholas Alexander and he was born on August 2nd.

Here is a more recent picture. I feel like he is looking at me and this is the one .. the one my dad warned me about - His mom. She gives way to many kisses and is always taking pictures. Yes little Nicky - I am that grandma.  He is going to be so spoiled - with hugs, kisses, and love.