Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 16, 17, and 18. It's time for an update

Wildlower Triathlon was a bust. :( I still have tears about it. But why? This season I have felt so confident. I have felt myself improving and finally getting the hang of things. A few weeks before this event I started feeling ill.  I kept having dizzy spells and then my hip started acting up. It was tough to say I just couldn't go on. I kept hearing in my head 'It's all in your head, you can do it, just move.' The more I tried to move I just wanted to scream in pain. 

The day before we had a training ride, while riding my bike the ache of the hip came on full force. I had to cut the ride short and go back to camp with my head held down. It's embarrassing!!! You can have people encourage you, talk to you, tell you can do anything but if your body says no - it's no. *sigh* 

This is all I have to show about my race weekend. My swim. It looked more like I swam all over the place. I know my type of Garmin is known not to be accurate, but this is a little crazy.

After the swim did do the 2 mile walk back to my bike. I stopped a few times to stretch it (and cry). The best way to describe my pain was imagine a shooting pain. It felt like someone was digging their fist into my hip area and kept digging and digging. 

My walk was a little straighter, but nothing fabulous. Felt like the longest 2 miles of my life. I couldn't wait to get back. 

I felt so bad for Mark. I did not have my cell phone on me and he couldn't find me. He said no one would tell him anything. Since I was not a fundraising participant the TNT tent didn't know anything about me - so I can only imagine his frustration. When he finally found me I just looked at him and cried. I could see the worry in his face. I felt so bad. Here he had taken time off work and was doing so much for me to be here - again I felt like the biggest disappointment. It's how I felt.


Week 16 
Ice. Ice. Ice. 
My week started off with me purchasing every ice pack I could get my hands on. Nothing stayed cold enough, or even stayed cold long enough. Mark finally bought me a Mabis DMI Ice Bag. I go everywhere with it. 

This week I also rested a lot. I had to, had no choice. My hip was throbbing in pain, the ice helped a bit but still each time I got up it was a struggle.

I also turned 44 this week (5/11). Feeling a little old cranky. Sometimes you just can't have it all - but appreciating what I do have.  

My brother in law got me this amazing cake. My parents - without them I would not be here today. And all I wanted was pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Thank you Mark for trying to make this cranky woman happy. I know it's not easy and I ask a lot from you - but know I do love you.

Week 17 
Time to get back on it. I figured I'd start slow and go from there. Went back to swim practice on Tuesday. After the swim I felt it again, the hip. Maybe i just need to learn how to swim without kicking? It's is possible. I attempted to run on Wednesday. Oh yeah.. not pretty. It was very slow. Ice. Ice. Ice. Thursday night I met my teammates for a bike ride. We had a timed bike marker I had to complete so I figured go out and give it a try. I hadn't been on my bike in 2 weeks so this was the best time to give it a try. 

For the bike marker we had to ride 80 minutes and then send over our mileage. 

  After the bike ride I went home and slept with ice packs. I just haven't been on my bike and wasn't sure how I would feel after wards. Sleeping with the ice packs was a hope that my hip wouldn't be screaming at me in the morning. Lucky I was 'OK'. The annoying poke was there, but nothing to bad. 

Friday - I had a swim marker I had to make up. 1,000 meter swim for time: 1.2 mile swim in 40:52.

Saturday I had to miss practice for a family event. While there I kept my hip on ice. I've noticed that when I drive long distances that I put a lot pressure on my right side of my leg/hip. I had to make up a bike ride on Sunday so I was hoping the ice would help for the next day. 

Sunday - 60 mile bike ride 
My settings were wrong when I first started. I had left it on my swim setting so for the first mile it was wrong. So it took me about 4:38 to do the 60 miles - ok 59.5..but whatever. 

At the beginning I had a little boo boo. I figured it make me look hard core riding with a bloody knee. Fact is - my bottles were filled with electrolytes and I didn't want to waste it on my knee. 

An after thought, I had water in my car and I could have gone to wash it out. But if I would have stopped I'm not sure if I would have gone on. So I didn't stop. I figured it's just blood and lucky it's daylight so the vampires aren't out. 

During my ride I got a text message from my brother in law looking for his coke. It was actually kind of funny. 
The whole ride I kept singing songs to myself, but the only thing I was looking forward to was that coke! Aaaahhh yummy-ness! I was tired and hungry and Yes I took his coke. Not ashamed to admit it. Now. I did fess up to him eventually and I did say Thank you. It was the best cold beverage I had had in FOREVER. I know I'm exaggerating but it was good. 

After the ride, more ice. Woke up today (5/19) a little achy but not to bad. It's a hard workout achy, not my hip is on fire achy.  My hip is achy. I haven't ran yet so that is next on my list of things to do. 

I have been wearing my 2xu Recovery Compression tights. Not sure what I am supposed to expect but I like them. Well I think my husband likes them on me, he seems to rub my behind a bit more when I have them on. :) butt rubs are always a good sign that something looks good on you.

And now I'm off to find some bursitis of the hip exercises. More stretching more icing doctors orders. It's nice when he says 'Bucket you can do anything'. :) 

Wait wait, if you are reading this I have a question. 

My mom asked me this 'What do you mean by you can't miss practice?'
A lot of my family members don't get it. Why can't I miss practice? I explained to her, that I can't miss practice because I can't miss practice. I am not being forced to go. I can stop at any time but in order to achieve my goals I simply can't miss practice. I'm wondering how do most people juggle life? Any advise? 


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  1. When you said you walked away with nothing at Wildflower, I really disagree. I think you walked away proving you are a friend to yourself, that no matter how badly you wanted to get it done and no matter how many folks might have put pressure on you, you did what was right. That's a much more important triathlon than swim, bike, run. I thought you making the decision to stop and take care of yourself for one day so you could better train and race other days --I thought that was the most courageous thing. I think you walked away with a lot more than you give yourself credit for.