Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 14 - Build Week - Better now than later

This blog post should be called breaking bad habits. While at my desk I have this bad habit of sitting on my leg. You know you cross one leg and sit on it while working. I find it comfortable.

For a few weeks I’ve been having this hip issue. I’ve noticed it and I’ve iced it a few times. I thought it mostly had to do with stretching and foam rolling it. I know I’ve been training more -  more hours on the bike and more hours running. All of that combined I figured was making me ache more than usual.

Forward to Thursday 4-17. I was in a meeting and yes I was sitting a little awkward but nothing too much out of the ordinary.  The meeting was about 2 hours long. When I got up to leave my bosses office that is when I noticed it. OUCH. I went to my desk to try and stretch out the pain; I couldn’t even lift my leg. Imagine trying to squat on a toilet seat. I could sit but I couldn’t get up. I cried and laughed at the same time. Again I figured I just had to stretch it out.

I went for a walk around my building; I made it to the corner and walked back slowly. I was like what the heck.   Again here I go trying to stretch it out and tears. I took something for the pain and went on with my day. Even though I looked funny walking around the office it was cool that people were feeling sorry for me. LOL They all know I’m training for a half Ironman – so in a way it was a good thing  is was nice to stop and update them on my training.

That evening we had a trainer ride scheduled at Griffith Park. In my head I figured if I could just stretch out my hip I’d be OK. I went early and tried walking around the parking lot. As you can tell I wasn’t quitting.  I was almost ready to head out and go home but decided against it. Blah blah…I got on my bike, as painful as it was I got on that puppy.

After that I went straight to urgent care.  I explained to the doctor what I was feeling and he said ‘ hip bursitis’.  He prescribed me some Ibuprofen 800mg (the good stuff) and said go see an Orthopedic Doctor right away. OK. Now with my old insurance it would have taken a referral and a week to get an appointment. With my new insurance all it took was a phone call. I have to say I was lucky. I got an appointment that Friday afternoon. An hour later I was getting a huge needle filled with cortisone injected into my hip.
My first question: When can I start up my training again?
Doctor: I know you crazy endurance athletes if I say rest you don’t rest. Give it a week to heal.
Me: I’m not that crazy (OK I am) OK I’ll rest it, but can I swim? *insert laugh*
Doctor: Yeah, swimming should be OK, but no running or cycling for a week.
Me: OK! You’ve got a deal.

So..On Saturday I went swimming.  The water was cold but the waves were perfect.


I couldn't do much else after that so I volunteered to be the SAG for the day. My teammates inspire me so much. I saw them pushing through those miles with big smiles.

Love my teammates!!!

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