Monday, February 24, 2014

Build Week 2, Swim Marker Set and recommittment and lots of hills

What is build week? I like to call it torture, but torture I signed up for. They build up the intensity on our workouts. In stead of riding flats we ride hills - up and down and up and down again. We also run hills- up and down and up and down again. You get the picture. It's easier said then done. I was that one person who hated hills so much I wouldn't even try! I would just get off my bike and walk the hills. It was easier then falling over. Lets just say I've been singing to myself a lot. Singing + Hills = a whole lot of awesome. 

First we will start with swim practice on Tuesday. It was swim marker Tuesday. We had to swim a timed 1,000 meters which equals 0.621 of a mile.
Looking at my stats from a month ago on 1/14/2014 I swam the 1,000 in 26.43. This Tuesday 2/18/2014 I swam it in 26.13. A difference of 30 whole seconds. Hey it makes a difference. 

Wednesday - was a slight fail. I was on my way to Santa Monica for the bike trainer workout but I turned around. It took me 45 minutes to get from the 405 to the 101 interchange. I was like I am never going to get there in time. So I ended up doing it at home at alone. I didn't push myself and well that is not good. 

Thursday - Run. It's been hard to run lately. I feel like someone punched me in the back. Not sure if I pulled something but it just hurts. I can't twist or else I am in pain. Not sure what it is. 

Friday Swim - Again it was slow but I got it done. Total meters swam 2,400 (just about 1.5 miles). I went in tired but towards the end pushed it. I slept like a baby. 
Cool Swim cap right? Want one? I bought it at -
TYR La Vengadora Silicone Cap. 

Saturday Morning. - The hills are alive with Team in Training Participants and everybody and their mother who participated in the Firecracker Bike Ride. I don't normally complain about other bike riders, but if you have ever ridden around Griffith Park you will know the cars can get a little irritated with 'lots' of riders not obeying stop signs. I got yelled at by a Firecracker bike rider for stopping at a stop sign. Not scolded, but got told about another participant that I should stop at stop signs - all valid - because us season bike riders need to show the newbies how it's done. Totally valid, but on this day - it was just better to stop and get yelled at by strangers. 

One guy pulled up to me and said hey are you 20? I was like I wish!! Then he looked at me and me and said Oh maybe you are 30? I yelled and said more like 43! He was like oh...I wasn't asking your age, I was asking what bike ride were you doing? Insert major red face. Whatever. 

Anyway...back to the bike ride. 
Hills. I took this photo as I was going UP and they were coming down. I will say, it felt good to NOT walk up this hill. Like I said before last year I didn't even try. Or maybe I tried and really couldn't. I don't know but it felt good to do it. I still wasn't feeling all that great but still made it to practice and pushed what I could.It was a little scary on the downhills with a bunch of crazy riders next to you. So I took it easy.  
Over all I am glad I went out to practice. I would have been more upset if I would have let my aches and pains keep me at home. I now WHO IS THIS? Right? I have a new drive. Unless it's an emergency I can't miss practice. This turtle is on a mission.

Sunday - Lets go for a run in Brentwood with more hills.
ALMOST...didn't go. My back was hurting and I was like I can just walk my mileage around the block. But again I knew if I missed practice I'd only be upset with myself. Got it done. As always this is the best sign at the top of a hill. 

Ran home and then off to a quick 1st birthday party. CUTE RIGHT! Her name is Leah and she is adorable. 
Sunday night - Our Team's re-commitment party. My biggest supporter came with me. Seriously can't do any of this without his support. I come home and breakfast or lunch is made. He rubs my back and feet when I am tired - OK I am making that up but he really is a great guy. Love you Mr. Luna.

And that was my week. Thank goodness today is a rest day. I need it.



Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday, Saturday, Sunday....Rest

Co-Worker: What are you doing tonight for Valentines Day? 
Me: I'm swimming. 

Firday Night - Swim Workout at VNSO Pool.
I won't lie it was a tough swim. I went in tired, came out even more tired. I was home by 7:30 and in bed by 9:30 pm. Good thing my husband wasn't interested in going out. I came home to dinner and a movie. I have to admit it was a pretty awesome Valentine's Day evening. But then again I have a pretty awesome husband.   

Saturday Morning - ride along San Vicente and Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica. On the training schedule - 2 hour ride with a 5 minute transition run. 

It was a crazy busy day in Santa Monica. Lots of different run clubs were out there doing thier long runs for the LA Marathon. Plus the PGA Tour was happening in Santa Monica. I fell in front of a bunch of runners on the road. So embarrassing! Here I am trying to put my water bottle back on my bike and I fall. Imagine 20 people running by yelling are you OK and me Yes. Yes. Yes. It was a great ride, but yes I need to speed it up. I was tired and haven't been feeling all that great. I've been fighting this insomnia thing and hot flashes (yes you read that right). Next week will be better.

Sunday - run day at Rustic Canyon. 

It was a fun run filled with lots of planks. Who am I kidding I hate running and planks - really? Torture! I've never been a good runner, but I'm working on it. Planks are planks, I can tell they are making me stronger but at that point where I am tired and sweaty planks are not fun. On the plus side I want a stronger core so I must do my planks. Plank baby plank.
After the run it was time for the bonus swim at Santa Monica College Pool. It's a bonus because all the soreness in the body goes away and that is a huge bonus.

And now photos. Thanks Stan for the photos!

1. We like laying on the street to take great team photos. 

 2. The result of doing planks on the dirt.
 3. Swim Cap photos :)
Quote of the week: 
Success Trains.
Failure Complains.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What am I out to prove this season?

Last summer I participated in Barbs Race. Barbs Race is a half IronMan distance event. While I had the best coaches and best support staff ever, I wasn't in the right mind. I had a job with a 2-3 hour daily commute. I was always tired and didn't follow the training plan. I know it and own up to it I did half the work and with that I finished my event in 10 hours. I know, I know at least I got there and did it but still I know I could do better. A few minutes before this picture was taken I had just cried to Coach Riz, Raul and Elisabeth.. 'I am NEVER doing this again'. 

I lied. 
Look at that smile. I'm back at it. This season I am training for 2 Half IronMan Events. My goal is to participate in Ironman Vineman 70.3 and Barbs Race [again]. As my blog header says 'Ambitious goals make for Outstanding Achievements'.

Please check back often my goal is to record my achievements/disappointments/all of it here on this blog. I think it doing this I can look back and say OK that was a great week, or that was a bad week. Whatever the week I can look back and hold myself accountable. I know this is going to be a great season.


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