Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating success and a new challenge

Celebrating success. That is really what I want to talk about. I want and hate the attention all at the same time. While with some you can celebrate, there are others that frown upon it. Why? I’ve made 1 too many mistakes in this weight loss challenge of mine. Voice my opinion. It’s hard not to have an opinion.

I get questions on how are you doing it? What are you eating? I answer each and every one truthfully. Boot camp, logging my food, sticking to my macros and calories. Once I say ‘Here let me show you’, that is when I get a look like ugh no don’t show me - I know what to do- I just wanted to know what you are doing.

To date my success ... 25 pounds lost! YEP! I went to see my doctor last week and he said I lost 5 inches alone around my waist. I've had to go shopping for some new clothes (not complaining) and I feel so much better all around. My best success honestly is my cooking. I'm cooking things I would never have eaten before and my taste buds are having a party.

My next challenge, I'm doing a 28 day alkaline weight loss program. It's using SEVENPOINT2 Alkaline products. It's a huge lifestyle change for me. It's shakes and veggies and lots of veggies. No meat. read that right. Which in a way I am totally OK with. Just this week I had meat a few times and it had me running to the toilet. All this clean eating is cleaning me out. hahahaha yeah I crack myself up.

So here goes, my before photos for this challenge. Starting weight 161. Just thinking about it now, but totally going to take measurements tomorrow. Super excited and can't wait to see what changes my body goes through!