Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday, Saturday, Sunday....Rest

Co-Worker: What are you doing tonight for Valentines Day? 
Me: I'm swimming. 

Firday Night - Swim Workout at VNSO Pool.
I won't lie it was a tough swim. I went in tired, came out even more tired. I was home by 7:30 and in bed by 9:30 pm. Good thing my husband wasn't interested in going out. I came home to dinner and a movie. I have to admit it was a pretty awesome Valentine's Day evening. But then again I have a pretty awesome husband.   

Saturday Morning - ride along San Vicente and Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica. On the training schedule - 2 hour ride with a 5 minute transition run. 

It was a crazy busy day in Santa Monica. Lots of different run clubs were out there doing thier long runs for the LA Marathon. Plus the PGA Tour was happening in Santa Monica. I fell in front of a bunch of runners on the road. So embarrassing! Here I am trying to put my water bottle back on my bike and I fall. Imagine 20 people running by yelling are you OK and me Yes. Yes. Yes. It was a great ride, but yes I need to speed it up. I was tired and haven't been feeling all that great. I've been fighting this insomnia thing and hot flashes (yes you read that right). Next week will be better.

Sunday - run day at Rustic Canyon. 

It was a fun run filled with lots of planks. Who am I kidding I hate running and planks - really? Torture! I've never been a good runner, but I'm working on it. Planks are planks, I can tell they are making me stronger but at that point where I am tired and sweaty planks are not fun. On the plus side I want a stronger core so I must do my planks. Plank baby plank.
After the run it was time for the bonus swim at Santa Monica College Pool. It's a bonus because all the soreness in the body goes away and that is a huge bonus.

And now photos. Thanks Stan for the photos!

1. We like laying on the street to take great team photos. 

 2. The result of doing planks on the dirt.
 3. Swim Cap photos :)
Quote of the week: 
Success Trains.
Failure Complains.

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