Monday, February 24, 2014

Build Week 2, Swim Marker Set and recommittment and lots of hills

What is build week? I like to call it torture, but torture I signed up for. They build up the intensity on our workouts. In stead of riding flats we ride hills - up and down and up and down again. We also run hills- up and down and up and down again. You get the picture. It's easier said then done. I was that one person who hated hills so much I wouldn't even try! I would just get off my bike and walk the hills. It was easier then falling over. Lets just say I've been singing to myself a lot. Singing + Hills = a whole lot of awesome. 

First we will start with swim practice on Tuesday. It was swim marker Tuesday. We had to swim a timed 1,000 meters which equals 0.621 of a mile.
Looking at my stats from a month ago on 1/14/2014 I swam the 1,000 in 26.43. This Tuesday 2/18/2014 I swam it in 26.13. A difference of 30 whole seconds. Hey it makes a difference. 

Wednesday - was a slight fail. I was on my way to Santa Monica for the bike trainer workout but I turned around. It took me 45 minutes to get from the 405 to the 101 interchange. I was like I am never going to get there in time. So I ended up doing it at home at alone. I didn't push myself and well that is not good. 

Thursday - Run. It's been hard to run lately. I feel like someone punched me in the back. Not sure if I pulled something but it just hurts. I can't twist or else I am in pain. Not sure what it is. 

Friday Swim - Again it was slow but I got it done. Total meters swam 2,400 (just about 1.5 miles). I went in tired but towards the end pushed it. I slept like a baby. 
Cool Swim cap right? Want one? I bought it at -
TYR La Vengadora Silicone Cap. 

Saturday Morning. - The hills are alive with Team in Training Participants and everybody and their mother who participated in the Firecracker Bike Ride. I don't normally complain about other bike riders, but if you have ever ridden around Griffith Park you will know the cars can get a little irritated with 'lots' of riders not obeying stop signs. I got yelled at by a Firecracker bike rider for stopping at a stop sign. Not scolded, but got told about another participant that I should stop at stop signs - all valid - because us season bike riders need to show the newbies how it's done. Totally valid, but on this day - it was just better to stop and get yelled at by strangers. 

One guy pulled up to me and said hey are you 20? I was like I wish!! Then he looked at me and me and said Oh maybe you are 30? I yelled and said more like 43! He was like oh...I wasn't asking your age, I was asking what bike ride were you doing? Insert major red face. Whatever. 

Anyway...back to the bike ride. 
Hills. I took this photo as I was going UP and they were coming down. I will say, it felt good to NOT walk up this hill. Like I said before last year I didn't even try. Or maybe I tried and really couldn't. I don't know but it felt good to do it. I still wasn't feeling all that great but still made it to practice and pushed what I could.It was a little scary on the downhills with a bunch of crazy riders next to you. So I took it easy.  
Over all I am glad I went out to practice. I would have been more upset if I would have let my aches and pains keep me at home. I now WHO IS THIS? Right? I have a new drive. Unless it's an emergency I can't miss practice. This turtle is on a mission.

Sunday - Lets go for a run in Brentwood with more hills.
ALMOST...didn't go. My back was hurting and I was like I can just walk my mileage around the block. But again I knew if I missed practice I'd only be upset with myself. Got it done. As always this is the best sign at the top of a hill. 

Ran home and then off to a quick 1st birthday party. CUTE RIGHT! Her name is Leah and she is adorable. 
Sunday night - Our Team's re-commitment party. My biggest supporter came with me. Seriously can't do any of this without his support. I come home and breakfast or lunch is made. He rubs my back and feet when I am tired - OK I am making that up but he really is a great guy. Love you Mr. Luna.

And that was my week. Thank goodness today is a rest day. I need it.



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