Monday, March 3, 2014

I take a licking and keep on ticking

Recovery Week - Week 7 of this craziness 

And the coaches said we should rest on Monday. 

Tuesday..and we shall swim until they say stop.
Culver City Plunge is the place to be. Why? For me there are more people, more people in your swim lane the faster you have to swim. It's the competition of the thing. I told myself I was not going to push it - the punch to back ache was still hurting. OK I didn't get punched in the back, it just hurt like I got punched in the back. I told myself at the beginning, just go to practice and take it easy. Yeah right. At one point I told my self are in pain but you are still swim sprinting - as I am panting and reaching for my water. Well so much for taking it easy, I went home tired and passed out. But I will say this..i feel it. I feel myself getting faster. It's kind of awesome. 

Wednesday - OUCH. 

Yeah I paid for it. Because of the aches and pains Coach Riz recommend I go see Larry. Larry had seen many other triathletes on the team (he also happens to be one of our honored heroes) and came highly recommended. Larry is an Acupuncturist. I went in and felt really comfortable with Larry and told him this hurts, that hurts, and yeah this hurts too. I started realizing my whole right side hurts. From my ankle, to my knee, to my wrist, to my elbow, and that back ache all on my right side. The question came up, had I fallen lately? I kept thinking did I fall and not remember? Then I realized oh yes I did fall on my bike but I didn't think much of it. 

So my review on acupuncture. WOW. Really wow. I was nervous I've never had it done before. While the needles were going in I just felt a little prick but nothing painful. I think the most painful one was at my ankle. It felt like an electric jolt but it went away as quickly as it happened. I was then left to relax for 20 minutes. So you would think for those 20 minutes I would take a nap. NOPE. I laid there and concentrated really hard on NOT moving. I tried to relax and listen to the music - nope couldn't do it. It was not painful at all, to be honest I didn't feel a thing - I was just too scared to move. 

On my way home I kept getting these stupid hot flashes. The strange thing whenever a hot flash hit I swear I could feel where the needles had been. Oddest feeling ever. My back tingled I was like wow...I now strange but it made my back feel better. I woke up Thursday morning still feeling a little sore (mostly from the cupping) but not to shabby.    

Thursday - Run. Run. Run. It's on the schedule so I must do it. Kept it slow because of the cold, but it was fun. 

I also signed up for Barbs Race!! Last year when I signed up I almost had a heart attack. This year I was OK with pushing the submit button.
Click here if you'd like to see my photos from last year.

Friday - I received an email saying sign up for the CHLA Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  I work for CHLA and what better way to give back.

Be part of the CHLA team. So I did. >- My fundraising page
Last year I went to cheer on a friend and was really inspired by her. Told myself next year I'm doing it! 

On the training side - Swim fail. It was raining with a bit of thunder and lighting. I opted to stay home under the covers. 

Saturday- Lets all bike in place. :) It's always more fun with friends. 
I'll be the first to tell you I've never taken a spin class so I can't compare but this is hard! 
Noodle Legs
 We spinned for about 55 minutes then went out on a 17 minute run.  We trained in Santa Monica and can honestly say it was so beautiful. Running near the beach always makes me happy.

Sunday  - The 'Oh Shit' you want me to swim that much swim set? 

Coaches email said - swim for 90 minutes. I said WOW this is going to be fun. Fun with teammates yes, hard as heck yes. I only go up to the 3rd to the last swim set. After that my arms did not want to move. I was done. Done. DONE. 

Things I've learned from Week 7. You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. The best is yet to come.

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