Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 20 - 6 more weeks until Ironman 70.3 Vineman

 (I Goggled '6' and this image popped up.
Have no idea what it is but lets just go with it.)

This week FLEW and I mean FLEW by. The swims are feeling great, the runs are feeling great and even being on the bike felt great. Well as great as great could be. Our bike ride this weekend was 60 miles, I was only able to complete 54 of it. I didn't start my Garmin right away so my distance is off by a mile or so, but still it was a crazy amount of mileage. 

See training details here. 

I was a little afraid because we were going to be doing a bit of hill work. My hip was OK up until around mile 45.  that is where I had to turn around and head down.  

 The whole ride I had been feeling pretty good. I was lost in my thoughts, checking out the ocean, the surfers, the families, the pretty houses, it was over all a great day. 

When I went to get off my bike that is when the soreness hit. I couldn't lift my leg over my bike. When I finally got it over my bike it was a little painful. OK I am downplaying it - it hurt on the pain scale a 6. Iced it right away, thanks to my wonderful teammates who had ice on hand. 

I didn't take any pictures while riding. I really wish I would have, it was such a beautiful day. All I have to show for it is this wonderful bruise.  I know pretty gross looking. Since I wear dresses to work I can't really hide it.

Sunday I was back to Aqua Jogging. I was 'aqua jogging' for 3 hours. Hows does one do it for 3 hours? With friends and great conversations. 

Click Here and read all about the benefits of Aqua Jogging.

On the home front I want to write about a great brother in law. He has been fighting cancer for over a year now and he was told yesterday it has metastasized into his lungs.  Brian has a heart of gold and always puts his family first. Prayers needed please. 

And Brian - 'Bald is sexy'. Google proves it with lots of ohh la llaaa images. :) At least for me anyway.

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