Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 10 - Recovery Week

While this week was considered a 'recovery week' it sure didn't feel like it. You may do less, but you do it faster. 

This week I focused  a lot on foam rolling my back and IT area. I  tried to sleep more and eat better. Focused on that muscle recovery, because honestly my body is tired. I have noticed I am a little more grouchy on recovery weeks. Not sure why. I'm hungry but not as hungry. I do have a bit more energy but then again I don't. I came home on Sunday after practice and cleaned my carpets. I live with men, they don't care about a clean house.I love the comment I got the other day "Well if you were home more the house would be clean"... oh them were fighting words!  See...grouchy. 

This weekends training was in Santa Monica. The morning didn't start off to well for me. I ran out of my oatmeal and figured oatmeal is oatmeal just eat the other stuff. Not my most brilliant idea. While I was riding I felt it. It just wanted to come out. It was going to come out. So I pulled over and hurled out my breakfast. Maybe it was a combo of the oatmeal and gu. Maybe it all it was just way too much sugar for my system and it had to come out.  After I threw it up I drank my water, slowed down on the bike a bit and just got myself together. Finished out practice and felt so much better. I started thinking if this were race day could I just quit - nope. 

Views from Saturday's practice - Santa Monica Beach. Mark and I talked about moving recently. I always said I would never move to the beach - my hair would not love it, but the more time I spend out there the more I want to move. 

Sunday was a quick Open Water Swim and a run. My goal for that morning was to be one with the ocean. I'm not as afraid anymore. I can go in and do some duck diving. I even swam out a bit and swam the wave back in. It felt really good and I think before the season is over I just may conquer this fear a bit. 

What am I afraid of? The water is dark and I can't touch the bottom. I'm little. I get tired. I'm little. The waves are strong. I'm little. Fact is I am little and I am afraid I am not strong enough to swim back. I feel constricted in my wet suit. I'm fighting the fears because I want to get better at this. I am determined. 

Sunday's run felt pretty good. My stomach felt better, I was well rested and off we went. Then at mile 2...ugh. I've seen the bathroom walk many times, I've done it many times but this was ridiculous. Public restrooms at the beach are not ones I like to visit. I think I may have to rethink my oatmeal. After my bathroom visit I went off on my run. My legs are back at it and falling asleep. I don't know what it is anymore. I run through the pain but it hurts. I had to stop and stretch a few times. I really wish I knew what it was. It's been happening a lot more lately. So again maybe it's the carbs in the oatmeal. I have to rethink all of this. 

Besides that, this was a good weekend. I love it when people ask me which sport am I better at. I honestly suck at all. But it's the sucking part that makes me more determined to try harder. 

I am always thankful for our amazing coaches. (Thanks Rachel G. for the picture).

“Don't stop at the first obstacle; have endurance to keep on going and you will succeed.” ― Robert A. Schuller



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