Wednesday, February 24, 2016

6 Week Challenge No.3 - the results are in

When I joined Burbank Fit Body Boot Camp I was on a mission. Lose the weight. I'm sure that is what everyone who walks in says to the trainers. They will be surprised at what the trainers suggest, and I say suggest because most people will be like WHAT! 

1. Eat more calories. This was really hard for me to do in the beginning.  I don't even know how many calories a day I was honestly eating. My breakfast consisted of a bagel and coffee. Lunch was usually left overs from dinner. It could be tacos, to lasagna, to whatever. Then I'd go home and have dinner. Probably the same thing I had for lunch, unless it was Pizza day. My husband loves his pizza day. That was usually 3 slices of Pepperoni pizza with a salad of course. Can't forget the beer. Pizza and beer my favorite. Anyway the point is I was not eating very healthy. I was filling up on foods that were bad for me. Learning to eat healthy calories has been amazing!!!    

2. Tracking Macros. I had no idea what this was. It took me a while to figure it out.  Right now I'm doing 40% Carbs, 40% Protein, and 20% fat. Carbs? Yes but my carbs come from veggies and fruits. Protein from protein shakes, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, etc. The fats are in everything, so as long as I'm sticking to my 20% goal , I'm happy. 

3. Cottage cheese. YUCK! It looked like spoiled milk to me. All I knew about cottage cheese was that it was a good fat burner.  My new favorite is 1 cup of Knudsen cottage cheese with 1 cup of fresh pineapple. AMAZING!! I have this a couple times a week. It was also suggested to me to add cottage cheese to my protein shakes. At first I was like NO really that just sounds gross. I tried it ...and I am in love. It makes the protein shake more smooth and creamy.

All in all I am loving this lifestyle change. It is a struggle at times but I am learning to cope with it. I think the hardest part is trying not to make it look like a diet to others. What do I mean? OK an example would be going out or even getting invited to go out. Most of my friends don't call me anymore. I'll get the 'Oh we didn't invite you because we know you aren't drinking'.  Or we are barbecuing and are wondering what can you eat? One time I got this and this was amazing,keep your healthy food out of our house we only eat junk food here. I laugh because not 2 minutes later - Oh that looks good can I have some. Punk!  

I still crave the junk food when I see it, but that is why no junk food is allowed in the house. If my husband has it, he has to put away somewhere that is NOT in the kitchen and where I can not see it. 

Now on to the results picture. Where I started and where I am at. 

I find my weight so embarrassing! I cry. I'm very sensitive about my weight. (Side Note: I asked my husband to read my blog and he looks at me and says you never weighed that much! I didn't see it. Gosh I love him!) So before I started boot camp I lost 3 lbs on my own and my starting weight at boot camp was 184 lbs. So *sigh* my highest ever was 187. Yeah...I don't even know what to say!! My ending weight after this last challenge is 166.4.            

So all in all I have lost 20.4 lbs. More than that I have lost 14.65 FAT POUNDS. Have you seen what that looks like?  I can tell you exactly where I've lost it. My thighs, my tummy, my back, my arms, actually everywhere. For the next challenge I want to focus on keeping my lean lbs the same and losing the fat lbs. 

I do have a goal photo, but it's not really about what I looked like in the photo it's about the jeans. I still have those jeans and have kept them in hopes to fit into them again one day. They are nothing special I just love those jeans. 

For now I'm still on my own challenge until the next boot camp challenge starts. I'm staying focused and looking forward to slipping those jeans on again but more than that being healthy feels good. Sometimes I just want to bottle up this feeling to share it around. 

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